Client Monthly Newsletter

Welcome to our first monthly newsletter! 

We created a monthly newsletter where our goal is to provide you with tips about how to navigate our platform more efficiently and updates regarding new features and services. With these tools, we want to provide you with additional resources to meet your needs.  

Don’t worry… we will also be posting each monthly newsletter on our website in case you need to refer to a particular tip from a previous newsletter. 

Tip #1 Multi-factor Authentication 

When signing into our Business Dashboard clients are required to provide multi-factor authentication for account protection. Clients can now use email addresses to authenticate their login to SendaRide’s dashboard.

Tip #2 Cancellation Reasons 

As a Business Dashboard user, there will now be a list of predetermined reasons when cancelling a ride in the Admin Dashboard.

We have standardized our cancellation reasons to improve data and tracking functionality for both our clients and SendaRide. We are standardizing our cancellation reasons to improve our data tracking and to better align our terminology with industry standards.

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