SendaRide Team


CEO & Co-Founder / President – Board of Directors

Laura Fleet is a leading expert in health care and regulatory law, having represented health insurers, providers and hospital systems for more than twenty years.


Marie Stacks

Marie Stacks

CIO / Chief Implementation Officer

Marie Stacks brings over a decade of experience in both small and corporate environments bringing a fresh perspective to the rapidly scaling companies she serves. Focusing on optimizing operations, effectively utilizing data, and elevating results.


Josh Wilsie

Vice President of Technology

Josh Wilsie has over 15 years experience in the telecommunications and information technology space, solving complex problems and designing solutions to effectively answer business challenges.


Anand Nair

Vice President of Product Development

Anand Nair has over 17 years of experience in the Information Technology world, designing and developing complex software products that are customer-friendly and scalable


Faith Foote

Director, Care Partner Relations

Faith has over two decades of Training and Recruiting experience, with a focus in the industries of transportation and health care. She is passionate about teaching others and helping them to reach their full potential.


Natasha Corcoran

Director, Customer Service Relations

Spending 19 years in progressive Customer Service leadership has expertly prepared Natasha Corcoran for her role as Manager of Customer Service..


David Smith

Director of Client Success

David Smith brings 10 plus years of experience to impacting customer success. Having helped clients overcome a variety of challenges by ensuring they have access to the products and knowledge necessary to keep their business moving.


Nicole Quezada

Nicole Quezada

Director of Operations Transformation

Nicole has over eight years of experience in Non-emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT), working in nearly all areas of operations, with extensive background in quality management, standardization, and implementation.



SendaRide Board of Directors


CEO & Co-Founder / President – Board of Directors

Laura Fleet is a leading expert in health care and regulatory law, having represented health insurers, providers and hospital systems for more than twenty years.


Mark Lauinger

As Senior Vice President of Client Services, Mark manages our team of Venture Advisors who work closely with client companies helping them with market assessments…


David Lohmann

As CEO of Apex Dental Partners, David is responsible for the strategic leadership. In addition, he leads the company’s new practice affiliation efforts as Apex continues to grow in both new and existing markets.


Wayne Moore

Principal, Purple Arch Ventures. Wayne has held positions in both successful startups and thriving tech firms and brings a wealth of operational experience building teams, executing deals, and developing clients.


David Fleet

As Executive Vice-President of Benefits at Summit Benefits Inc., David has over 30 years’ experience in the Health Insurance industry including, ten years at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma.


Terri Mead

As President of Solutions2Projects, LLC, Terri has over twenty years of experience working in and with biotech, medical device, diagnostic, and digital health companies on IT strategies, IT systems, and IT compliance and is an IT expert witness.


SendaRide Advisory Board

Chris Yeh

Chris was on the founding team of pioneering Internet companies such as United Online Services (Nasdaq: UNTD) and Merrill Lynch’s Intelligent Technologies Group.


Omar Nagji

Omar Nagji, a thought leader in the healthcare mobility space, was previously the Head of Healthcare at Lyft, responsible for developing and overseeing the healthcare sales department. Prior to joining Lyft, Omar spent 15+ years across multiple verticals within the healthcare ecosystem.


Effie Carlson

Effie Carlson has led healthcare teams across growth, operations, network contracting, sales, business development, and government/policy for over 14 years.


Julie A. Correll, JD, CHC

Julie Correll is a proven legal and executive leader with more than 30 years of wide-ranging experience providing counsel and support to corporate legal departments and management teams at large public companies and middle-market private employers.


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