Drive For Us

Drive For Us

Earn Money on Your Schedule

Our Care Partners are kind, patient, service-minded individuals that are willing to always walk with their rider from the door to their car. While we do expect more than other ride-sharing companies, we pay more as well.

Most of our jobs are Monday – Friday from 7:00 a.m to 9:00 p.m. However, we do have jobs on the weekend as well. You are able to see all of the details of the job when it is offered to you, including pick up and drop off locations, date and time of the ride, age and gender of the rider and your potential earnings. You then decide if you would like to take the job now if it is an on-demand job – or add it to your schedule for later that day or week.

Our drivers are patient, service-minded individuals with excellent time-management skills and are thoroughly vetted. They must also meet the following requirements:

  • 21 years or older
  • Successfully pass a 7-year local and national criminal background investigation
  • Checked against the National Sex Offender Database and the Terrorist Database
  • Successfully pass a social security trace
  • Clear motor vehicle record for the past 7 years
  • Able to pass a 10-panel drug test
  • Checked against the OIG Exclusion List
  • Utilize a vehicle that meets or exceeds the following requirements:
    • 10 years old or newer
    • Four-door sedan, van or SUV (no trucks)
    • Clean
    • Smoke and odor free
    • Excellent condition (free of body damage or interior damage)
    • Able to pass inspection

As we continue to grow and expand into new cities, we are continually looking for new drivers. Care Drivers may look like:

Stay-at-home Parents/Single Parents

CPR or First Aid trained

Nurses/Nursing students/Nurse Aids

Active and Retired EMTs/Paramedics/Firefighters and Law Enforcement

Military Veterans


College Students

Freelancers/Seasonal Employees/Part-time Employees

And as always, anyone who is looking to make a difference in their communities.

How it Works





Care Partner FAQs

How do I become a Care Partner (Driver)?

Apply on our website and submit the Application Form. You will receive a verification email that allows you to create your login for the Care Partner app. You can then create your online profile, uploading your documents (drivers license, car insurance, registration, profile picture and pictures of your car). Please note we cannot process your application without a completed profile.

What are the requirements to be a Care Partner?

21+ older Clean Background check Pass Car Inspection
Clean, Smoke-Free Vehicle Vehicle 10 years or newer Clean Motor Vehicle Report
Android or iOS phone Vehicle Free of Body and Interior Damage Random Drug Screenings
Service-Minded Driver Dependable, Excellent Time Management Skills

What are the Care Partner’s Duties and/or Expectations?

  • Care Partners provide a safe, comfortable concierge service
  • Care partners are engaging, kind and enjoy the company of others
  • Care partners can be identified by their ID badge (worn on every job) as well as by the SendaRide decal on their car

How much money can a Care Partner make? (Approx.)

Care Partner earnings are based on mileage, time, number of passengers and waiting time (if incurred). While we do expect more of our drivers than other ride-share companies, we pay our drivers more for meeting those expectations.

How long is the Application process?

Care Partners first apply online and then follow the steps sent to them in an email. They will create their profile in our driver app. This includes photos of their car, insurance, a brief bio, vehicle registration, etc. We review your profile and then advance you through the on-boarding process, consisting of online orientation, a background investigation and training. The length of time it takes to complete the process can vary from one day to a week or more, based on the time it takes to complete each step.

Can a passenger rate the Care Partner?

The person booking the ride and the passenger have the ability to rate the driver in the app after their ride.

I bought a new car, can I change it on my profile?

A new car must go through the same approval process as your original car. Start by emailing all vehicle information to Please include photos of the car (Front, Back, Side), insurance, registration, license plate. Please include in your email the year, make, model, # of seats and # of miles. Our support team will review and upload your new information and you will be sent available times for your car inspection.

I bought a new phone. How do I download the app?

Notify of any phone or vehicle changes; then follow the instructions below:
— Android users: Download the SendaRide Care Partner app in the Google Play Store and Login
— iOS Users: Open this link on your phone to download

I arrived on time, but the passenger is not here…Do I still get paid?

If your passenger is no longer in need of transportation and did not cancel prior to your arrival you can cancel the ride and will be paid based on the ride estimate.

How do I receive jobs?

Care partners receive a notification on their cell phone when a job is booked so you do not have to be online to receive jobs. When you receive a notification, open the app to review the job card and ride details. These include pick up and drop off locations, date and time of the ride, age and gender of the rider and your potential earnings. You then decide if you would like to take the job now if it is an on-demand job – or add it to your schedule for later that day or week. You can choose to accept or reject the job. Most of our rides are scheduled so you can accept them around your schedule.

Am I required to have any special car insurance?

Ride-share drivers are always encouraged to carry the TNC (Transportation Network Company) Endorsement on their personal auto policy for their protection. SendaRides’s insurance covers the passenger.

When are the majority of jobs?

85% of our jobs are booked in advance. The majority of these occur weekdays between 7:00 am – 9:00 pm. Care Partner’s can accept these jobs in advance and plan out their week.

Arkansas Information

Notice of Filing

Notice is hereby given that SendaRide, Inc. (“SendaRide”) plans to file within 30 days of this notice with the Arkansas Public Service Commission (APSC or Commission) an Application for a permit to operate a Transportation Network Company (TNC) in the state of Arkansas.  The Application and accompanying testimony will demonstrate that procedures and methods have been implemented which ensure that SendaRide complies with all requirements of the Transportation Network Company Service Act, Ark. Code Ann. SS 23-13-101 et seq and the TNC rules promulgated by the ASPC.

Information relative to the filing in this matter may be obtained from the secretary of the Arkansas Public Service Commission, 1000 Center Street, Little Rock, Arkansas 72201.  Also, further information may be obtained by viewing the ASPC website: Interventions and limited appearances for interested parties should be filed in compliance with the provisions of the Commission’s Rules of Practice and Procedure 4.02.  Petitions for intervention must be filed with the APSC within 60 days of the date set forth as the application filing date, unless otherwise specified in a procedural schedule issued before a petition for intervention is filed.  Limited appearances must be filed at least 20 days prior to the date set for a hearing, if a hearing is ordered by the Commission, but not afterward, except for good cause shown.  In addition, interested persons may submit public comments in writing or orally at a hearing, if a hearing is ordered by the Commission.