Our Testimonials

Client Testimonials

My SendaRide driver was great! He was very polite, well mannered, on time, and we had a good conversation.

~ Esther

My name is Bill R. and I am a resident of Tulsa. I have been using SendaRide consistently for over 5 months and my experience has been so wonderful and exceeded all my expectations.

I am so very grateful for everything SendaRide has done. I use their service for medical and therapy appointments on a regular basis. Every driver has been prompt, courteous and very professional. This extends to everyone in the front office as well. Every time I have called, my questions are always answered in full by a kind and professional employee. The entire organization is top-notch at every level and their level of service is consistently amazing. I cannot say enough good and positive things about SendaRide or fully express my gratitude. I just wanted to acknowledge every person and I will continue to use them and recommend them to anyone that could benefit from their service.

~ Bill

I love your concept. As a single mom, I immediately identified with the use for this service. Knowing that my elderly parents not only have a ride, but are also in good hands with a qualified and well-vetted Care Partner makes their transition to an assisted living much easier for all involved and allows my parents to regain some of their independence.
~ Shelly

Rider Testimonials

SendaRide has been a lifesaver for our organization and the patients we serve. Our patients suffering from cancer are transported to necessary appointments and always receive excellent customer service, timeliness, professionalism, and a safe ride. We have been so pleased with our partnership with SendaRide. They are a trusted and valued partner with assisting us in providing excellent health care to the patients we serve.
~ Robyn

We use SendaRide for our patients at work, and their drivers
are professional, reliable, compassionate, fast and courteous! All of the cars we have seen are clean and the drivers look sharp. Their staff responds quickly and welcomes feedback. We are able to see all the details of the trip when booking, from the driver to his live progress on the map. And the drivers all rave about working the company – tells me a lot!

I HIGHLY recommend their services…Well done!
~ Kim

SendaRide’s model fills a huge gap in our community. For many of the youth and families being served by Pivot and other nonprofits, transportation is an overwhelming barrier to overcome. We work very hard to provide support to overcome those barriers and programs like SendaRide offer an option that meets our clients’ needs, far beyond what you find with similar programs. SendaRide is designed to provide a much-needed service for vulnerable populations. The support that clients get from drivers goes above and beyond. There is a comforting level of security with this service that is vital to the youth and families we serve.
~ Kami

CARE Partner Testimonials

I love driving for SendaRide because it is such a valuable service to the members of our community. We are providing them with access to not only their doctors, but also to social time with peers, sewing classes, group activities, physical therapy and a sense that their life doesn’t have to stop just because they’re aging or sick. When we “send a ride” we also send a reason for them to get up, get motivated and get busy living versus being stagnant.
~ Tisha

I enjoy the riders. Some really appreciate the ride and tell me thank you. I also like scheduling when I can work.
~ Robin

I love driving for SendaRide because I love being of service to seniors and anyone who is in need. It gives me a chance to encourage people and to give back to society.
~ Bettye

I enjoy talking to people and know that I am making a difference in assisting people to and from their appointments.
~ Jerry

Video Testimonials