Written by: Leslie Doan, Care Partner in Little Rock, Arkansas

“I make extra money driving cancer patients to their treatment appointments.”

Leslie Smith Doan uses her experience as a cancer survivor to help give rides and hope to current patients going through cancer treatments.

This job looks interesting”, Leslie thought to herself. The job was for a transportation service company that provides rides for patients to their medical appointments. Leslie Doan, a 21-year Cancer Survivor and widow, retired from her career as a Technical Writer, was scrolling through her email when a job advertised as “Good for caregivers” appeared. Leslie, who also assists her father while caring for her mother, suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer’s, was seeking a part-time job as a supplement to her social security payments.

SendaRide is a company founded in 2016 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, that provides customized, concierge Nonemergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) services for the healthcare industry. Their technology empowers hospitals, providers, health plans, independent living centers and family members with the ability to book on-demand and schedule transportation for someone else.

“I submitted to be a Care Partner in the Central Arkansas area for the CARTI Cancer Center in Little Rock. After passing a background check and vehicle inspection, I began driving for SendaRide in March 2022.”

“I use a mobile app created by SendaRide to see available jobs and keep up with the rides that I apply for. Each ride is offered at an already determined rate and varies by the distance driven. By driving a couple of days each week, I have made up to $100 a week, that is then deposited weekly in my bank account.”

“The money I make by driving for SendaRide is used to help pay bills and the flexible schedule allows me to visit my young adult daughters, travel, maintain my blog, and continue my love of Background Acting.”

Interested in learning more about becoming a SendaRide Care Partner (driver)? Please visit the Drive for Us tab on the homepage or click here.

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