Good health gives you plenty of energy, enthusiasm, and zest for life. You can see health as a combination of physical vitality and mental strength. Just like everything else in life, good health doesn’t come easy – you need to work for it, and maintain it. It can be hard to find the energy and motivation to look after yourself, though, especially when you’re a senior who’s perpetually low on energy or has health problems.

Paradoxically, the more you invest in looking after yourself, the more energy you’ll have to live your life to the fullest, the way you want it to. In this mini-guide, SendaRide explains how seniors upgrade their quality of life with some physical and mental health upgrades:   

Pick up an enjoyable new hobby

Hobbies are more than just a pleasant way to pass the time – they keep you busy in the best possible way, give you fulfillment, and can keep your mind sharp. Some hobbies suitable for seniors include genealogy, winemaking, bird-watching, photography, and writing.  In fact, some of SendaRide’s best Care Partners started driving for us as a hobby or a way to continue to have social interaction.

Exercise more

Good exercise comes with multiple benefits – more energy, reduced blood pressure, stress relief, pain relief (if you have aches), and a better mood. You don’t necessarily have to go all out to enjoy all these benefits. A balanced exercise plan, according to HelpGuide, should include balance, cardio, strength and power training, and flexibility exercises.


The bigger the home, the more time and energy you spend to maintain it. That’s why so many seniors choose to downsize. Living in a smaller home, with less clutter and fewer things, reduces your maintenance burden drastically and can feel liberating.

Stay connected with your people

Humans need regular social contact to maintain good mental and emotional health. Furthermore, having a good support network means you will have people if you ever need a helping hand. Too many seniors end up isolating themselves by failing to maintain their old relationships or forgoing to meet new people. You must find and stay connected with people who have your back. Please consider driving for SendaRide to continue meeting people and making new friends.

Improve your quality of sleep

Your quality of sleep heavily influences your vitality levels, mood, and how well you get through your days. Learning how to improve your quality of sleep is a worthwhile investment. Some suggestions are developing a sleep routine, windowing down before bedtime, using a high-quality mattress and pillows, and forgoing afternoon naps so you’re more tired at night.


Helping other people can be an incredibly rewarding experience, making you feel good about yourself and your legacy, not to mention giving you a sense of purpose even late in life. You can volunteer your time, money, or both. Ideas to try include serving food, fundraising, participating in general labor, teaching, mentoring and driving for SendaRide (except we will pay you for your time).

Customize your home to fit your needs

Your home is your place of relaxation; somewhere you spend a good portion of your waking hours. That’s why putting some effort into making it as comfortable and as supportive of your well-being as possible is a good idea. Possibilities include having a first-floor bathroom, letting in more natural lighting, getting indoor plants, redecorating, and getting more comfortable furniture.

Don’t hesitate to seek professional support if you have depression

You may be struggling with overwhelming stress, anxiety, and depression, which will take a heavy toll on your mind, body, and heart. Don’t think twice about seeking professional help. A licensed professional may recommend antidepressants, the most effective depression medications. When choosing the right one, a doctor will consider your current symptoms, the medications you’re taking, and pre-existing conditions. As antidepressants aren’t right for everyone or all issues, a mental health professional can closely monitor any side effects to keep you safe and healthy.


A good self-care routine is essential if you want to maintain your physical and mental health long-term.  This involves incorporating healthful activities into your schedule, like the ones we described above, and also giving yourself enough nutrition and plenty of rest.

Image via Unsplash