SendaRide Salutes Care Partners who went the extra mile during the snow storm

Oklahoma City, OK – With record-breaking temperatures, snow and ice, SendaRide, an Oklahoma-based non-emergency medical transportation service, wasn’t sure what the past week would look like.  Luckily, for CEO, Laura Fleet, she has Care Partners (drivers) who go above and beyond to make sure their riders arrive at their destination come, rain, sleet or snow – and apparently record-breaking cold temperatures.

“I can’t say enough about the compassion and determination of the Care Partners we have on our team,” said Fleet. 

When the state shut down due to an historic blizzard, SendaRide Care Partners braved the weather to make sure their riders were able to get to their life-saving medical appointments, like dialysis and chemotherapy.

“Sometimes while driving in the snow and ice this past week, little thoughts would pop into my head about why am I out here?  Then I’d snap out of it and put mind over matter by telling myself, “what if it was my mother who was depending on me to get where she needs to go?”  Well, that brings it all into perspective and helps me remember why I’m doing this. There is a greater good that can be accomplished.”

~ Dale J.  SendaRide Care Partner

“I truly enjoy working with SendaRide.  My riders are all really appreciative, and not only of the Care Partners, but the entire SendaRide organization.  Everyone they interact with from SendaRide really cares about their well-being.  This past week in the snow and ice, one rider said to me, “Thank you for driving.  You guys are truly life-savers.”

~Trent P.  SendaRide Care Partner

I moved to Oklahoma 4 years ago from the desert (Las Vegas), so I can’t say I was thrilled about driving in the snow.  But I knew there were patients who needed to get home from the hospital before the snow started again.  Last year I was fortunate enough to have someone help me purchase an upgraded vehicle.  One that is more ideal for less than perfect road conditions.  I had the ultimate opportunity to pay it forward.  One of my riders said to me, “I am so thankful for SendaRide because no one in my family was available to pick me up.  I don’t know how I would have made it home before the next heavy snowfall if SendaRide hadn’t been working.”  

~Evie M.  SendaRide Care Partner  

SendaRide is unique.  They partner directly with hospitals, providers and healthcare systems to provide door-to-door non-emergency medical transportation service.  “This concierge transportation service is an extension of what our riders have come to know and expect from their healthcare providers,” said Fleet.

SendaRide is always looking for exceptional people who want to give back to their community, set their own hours, and earn extra income. 

“Last year was a challenging year, to say the least,” added Fleet.  And 2021 hasn’t started a whole lot better.  But our employees and our Care Partners have stepped in and stepped up to take care of our community.  I couldn’t be more proud to be part of this service.”

For more information on how you can become a Care Partner

visit: or call (800) 731-1885.

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash