Give Back What You Are Good At

CEO – Laura Fleet created SendaRide out of a need, a need she had after back surgery to find quality door-to-door transportation helping her navigate from her house to her medical appointments – arriving safely and on time.

Now she is ready to give back to the community that has helped make her business a success!

Sendaride believes to be a good Community Partner our programs and services must be centered around improving the lives of those in our community.  That’s why we are excited to announce our Community Partnership Program!

Each month, SendaRide will choose a different cause or organization and donate rides throughout the month to help patients get to scheduled medical appointments.  This not only helps improve the quality of life of patients, it brings awareness to a worthy cause and helps healthcare facilities improve their no-show rates and increase efficiency.

“It’s a win-win,” said Fleet.  “We are able to help people, support a cause, (i.e. National Heart Month, National Kidney Month, etc.) and the healthcare facility can provide transportation to patients who wouldn’t otherwise have it.”

There are still a few months to fill throughout the year but we are already hearing great things in the community!

For more information on partnering with SendaRide, contact Jessica Hylander at,
1-800-731-1885 or, by visiting