StarCare partners with SendaRide to provide safe and secure medical transportation

Lubbock Texas:  For more than 50 years, StarCare has provided specialty healthcare services that are driven by community partnerships.  So, when StarCare recently partnered with SendaRide, a non-emergency medical transportation service, it was a great match.

The total cost of missed healthcare appointments in the United States annually is an astonishing $150 billon.  Not only is it costly, it is a serious health risk for those individuals needing healthcare attention but unable to find transportation.  A survey from the National Council of Behavioral Health states that 56 percent of behavioral health patients want to access a mental health provider, but many face barriers.  SendaRide set out to change that statistic – and StarCare Specialty Health System got onboard to ensure their patients have access to a much-needed transportation service.  As a result, the partnership between SendaRide and StarCare was formed.

SendaRide was created and customized for the healthcare industry.  Personalized door-to-door concierge transportation service makes them unique, along with their state-of-the-art technology. Each ride offers the rider, and their family, the assurance that they will arrive at their destination safely and on time. All rides are recorded, and the SendaRide app shows the ride in progress. Family members and caregivers can stay in contact with the drivers before and during the ride.

StarCare Chief Executive Officer Beth Lawson said, “Providing quality transportation is critical to helping our patients get access to care they need.  Our partnership with SendaRide helps us take care of our patients with the goal of providing hope and improving their overall health.”

Door-to-door service, friendly Care Partners (drivers), and the assurance that each rider will arrive at their destination safely is the SendaRide Standard.  Providing genuine care and optimal health for their patients, is top priority for StarCare. Together, this is a great partnership, and the new standard in healthcare.

About SendaRide:
SendaRide is setting the standard in healthcare transportation.  SendaRide was developed specifically for the healthcare industry and is focused on maintaining the highest level of service, safety, security, and efficiency for their riders, business partners and families.  SendaRide’s customized door-to-door concierge service and user-friendly HIPAA-compliant technology provides constant GPS monitoring, which sets them apart in the industry.  Their commitment to provide an affordable and convenient transportation option for the healthcare industry will help reduce healthcare costs, increase facility efficiency, and improve patient quality of life.  To learn more, visit

About StarCare Specialty Health System:
StarCare Specialty Health System provides access to a diverse array of specialty healthcare services that support and empower people as valued members of the community.  As the state designated mental health authority for the Texas counties of Lubbock, Lynn, Cochran, Crosby and Hockley, StarCare provides services for adults, children and adolescents who have a diagnosis of mental illness, intellectual disabilities and/or substance use disorder.  StarCare imagines a community where all people have hope and the opportunity to achieve their full potential for health and wellbeing.  To learn more, visit:

SendaRide Contact:  Laura Fleet                                                               
CEO and Co-Founder

Phone:  1-800-731-1885, ext. 708

StarCare Specialty Health System:  Kaley Daniel
Phone: 806-766-0281

For more information on partnering with SendaRide, contact Jessica Hylander at,
1-800-731-1885 or, by visiting