Changing the Healthcare Community One Ride At A Time


SendaRide Sets the Standard

Statistics show annually millions of Americans do not seek medical care due to lack of transportation.

SendaRide is working to change that statistic.

Missed appointments cost healthcare providers an estimated $150 billion annually with “no-show” rates approaching as high as 30%.

At SendaRide, we understand that transportation plays a vital role in improving the quality of life for patients that wouldn’t otherwise have access to health care.  The numbers are staggering and predicted to climb as baby boomers age into retirement,” said Laura Fleet, CEO of SendaRide.

According to Pew Research and the Social Security Administration, a wave of baby boomers will retire in excess of 10,000 men and women a day.  Is the health care industry ready for the medical burden?  Without transportation, patients will miss appointments, their health will continue to decline, and health care costs will continue to rise.

With affordable and safe transportation options available, the health care industry can be proactive and get out in front of this pending crisis.

SendaRide was developed specifically for the healthcare industry and is focused on maintaining the highest level of service, safety, security, and efficiency for their riders, business partners and families.  SendaRide’s customized door-to-door concierge service and user-friendly HIPAA-compliant technology provides constant GPS monitoring, which sets them apart in the industry.  Their commitment to provide an affordable and convenient transportation option for the health care industry will help reduce health care costs, increase facility efficiency, and improve patient quality of life.

Concierge door-to-door service that is also HIPAA-compliant is unique to the rideshare industry, but not unique to SendaRide.  It’s the standard.  Patient assistance, friendly Care Partners (drivers), and the assurance that each rider will arrive at their destination safely.

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