As you get older, you are likely thinking about the best living situation to meet your needs. You may enjoy your current home, but is it enough to support your lifestyle? While these questions are difficult to ponder at first, they are worth asking when considering factors like safety and ease of movement.

Thankfully, becoming a senior in today’s society has many options. Take a look at the many choices available and think about what you need to be comfortable and happy, presented by SendaRide

Opting for a Senior-Accessible Home

If you haven’t heard of senior-accessible homes before, you might believe they’re synonymous with nursing homes. These types of residences are actually homes that you purchase, but they have already been modified with your needs in mind. That means there are usually no stairs and a smaller house, with benefits such as smart technology, allowing you to lock or make adjustments to your home merely by using your voice or another simple command. 

Modifying Your Current Home

If you’d rather not move, it’s still possible to stay in your current home with a few simple arrangements. According to experts, there are benefits to remaining in your home as you get older. There are several things you can do to make your current house senior-friendly, although it may take a few adjustments

Consider installing grab bars in your bathroom to make it easier to get up from using the toilet or taking a bath. A waterproof seat in the shower is another way that you can bathe safely, even if someone isn’t there to help you. You can make your floors safer by getting rid of throw rugs and putting on special no-slip wax, allowing you to walk more easily. 

If entry into your home requires stairs, look into having a ramp installed. Should you find yourself less mobile, you’ll already have one key element waiting for you in your home. There are government grants that can help with this process if you need financial assistance. 

Making the Move to Assisted Living 

The thought of assisted living can leave you feeling unsure, but there are so many positives to retaining your independence while having the help you need always close by. Assisted living offers benefits such as social interaction with other residents, and care that is suited to meet your needs in a setting that feels like your home. You can easily get help with laundry and meal preparation while knowing staff is close by at all times in case you need them. Depending on the facility, staff members can often help set up transportation to the doctor, cutting down the steps you have to manage yourself. 

One consideration regarding assisted living is how to go about paying for it. Even if you have savings, the costs can quickly add up. You can sell your current home, using the proceeds to help pay for an assisted living facility that appeals to you. If you have plans to make upgrades to your house, research which ones are most likely to raise its overall value, giving you the most money possible when your house closes.

No matter what choice you arrive at, there are many different options for home life as a senior. Pick what you are most comfortable with and what meets your needs so you can live out your golden years in comfort. 

Photo by Joe Hepburn on Unsplash