EMBARK launched a new pilot program providing seniors with free, round-trip, door-to-door service to six approved wellness centers across the metro.

The program, called EMBARK Well, seeks to help hundreds of Oklahoma City residents over the age of 60 who struggle to access health and wellness services due to transportation issues.

Jerry Odom said for the pat 13 months he’s dedicated himself to walking and lifting weights three days a week at the Pete White Health & Wellness Center, paying someone $10 per week to drive him there in the winter.

During the water months he said he walks the mile from his house to the center, which gets dangerous with the weather continuing to heat up.

“I’m so glad this is available,” Odom said of the new program. “Having this available is a big blessing, especially for me, since I’m a non-car driver due to a visual impairment. Being able to get to the Pete White Health & Wellness Center to do my regimen without having a heat stroke is important.”

EMBARK is actively enrolling seniors in EMBARK Well. To qualify, seniors must be 60 years or older and live in the service areas of participating wellness centers.

Those interested in the program should call 405-297-2583.

A reservation is required 48 hours in advance for EMBARK to pick you up.

Once approved, seniors can arrange their transportation by calling 405-297-2583.

EMBARK’s transportation provider, SendaRide, will pick up the rider at their front door and take them directly to the wellness center and pick them up to go home once finished at the center.

“It’s important for us to continually innovate and modernize our services to meet the diverse needs of our community,” said EMBARK’s Director Jason Ferbrache. “ EMBARK Well is a new service that will allow us to make meaningful connections that can positively affect the health and wellbeing of our residents.”

Facilities participating in EMBARK Well include:

  • Will Rogers Park Senior Center – 3501 Pat Murphy Dr.
  • Woodson Park Senior Center – 3401 S May Ave.
  • YMCA Healthy Living Center – 5520 N Independence Ave.
  • Lincoln Park YMCA – 4712 N Martin Luther King Ave.
  • Pete White Health & Wellness Center – 4021 S Walker Ave.
  • Healthy Living OKC Center – 11501 N Rockwell Ave.

EMBARK is working to identify ongoing funding throughout the pilot year.

EMBARK also supports seniors through its STEP Shopping Shuttle service. STEP provides eligible individuals weekly, round-trip transportation to designated area grocery stores. Contact 405-297-2583 for more information.

For more information on partnering with SendaRide, contact Jessica Hylander at business@SendaRide.com,
1-800-731-1885 or, by visiting www.sendaride.com.