A New CEO Signals Dynamic Shift Toward Growth and Innovation


Oklahoma City, OKSendaRide, a leading name in the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation industry as both a Transportation Provider and Technology Broker, is excited to announce a strategic leadership transition that signals a dynamic shift towards continued growth and innovation. Effective September 5th, SendaRide welcomed Jessica Hylander as its incoming CEO. Jessica brings a wealth of experience garnered from various senior leadership positions in the Healthcare and Non-Emergency Medical Transportation sector. Her career includes significant roles such as COO at ModivCare Monitoring and Meals, VP of Quality and Process Improvement at VRI, and Senior Director of Health Care Compliance at First Transit. Jessica’s record of accomplishment of driving operational excellence and her deep understanding of the industry uniquely position her to lead SendaRide into its next phase of growth.  

After spearheading SendaRide’s remarkable journey from ideation to a successful technology and service company as CEO and Founder, Laura Fleet will transition to the role of Advisor to the Board of Directors.  

“Embracing change and evolution has always been a core principle at SendaRide,” said Laura Fleet. “I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved as a team, and this transition allows me to focus on strategic initiatives that will drive our continued success. I have full confidence in Jessica’s capabilities and vision, and I look forward to working alongside her in this new capacity.”  

Jessica’s leadership philosophy harmoniously aligns with SendaRide’s core values of innovation, quality, and compassionate care. Her dynamic approach and strategic mindset are poised to elevate the company to new heights, ensuring a continued commitment to providing exceptional service to clients and partners.  

“I’m truly honored to become part of the SendaRide team and to continue to partner with Laura in pursuing our mutual passion for problem-solving, delivering results, and creating a culture of care. SendaRide has already demonstrated outstanding success by leading the industry in rider satisfaction and minimizing no-shows. We are poised for an even brighter future. The journey ahead holds incredible potential for this team and most importantly for the clients we serve. I’m genuinely thrilled to contribute to its unfolding story,” said Jessica Hylander.   

About SendaRide: SendaRide is a leading provider of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation services, both as a Transportation Provider and Technology Broker, committed to delivering compassionate care, reliability, and exceptional service to clients. With a focus on innovation and quality, SendaRide aims to redefine the transportation experience for those in need of medical transportation services. 

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For more information on partnering with SendaRide, contact Jessica Hylander at business@SendaRide.com,
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