Providing Affordable, Convenient and HIPPA Compliant Medical Transportation

SendaRide’s non-emergency medical transportation service, rated among the highest in the industry, providing door-to-door concierge transportation to patients.

SendaRide’s customer-centric platform allows ride requests to be fulfilled through its own highly vetted and trained driver network. The platform combines the ease of use with a meticulous level of care that is expected from top-tier NEMT providers.

SendaRide partners with Health Systems, Providers and Health Plans, and it caters to the mobility-compromised, elderly, and vulnerable populations.  What makes SendaRide’s platform so appealing is how the company effectively offers the convenience and ease of use, while going well beyond the level of service other ride-hailing platforms typically offer. The HIPAA compliant, proprietary platform also offers organizational partners real-time access to quality, utilization, and financial data, supporting informed business decisions.

SendaRide’s drivers are recruited from the healthcare industry and undergo rigorous background checks and training to ensure an industry-best patient experience. In addition to basic CPR and first aid, SendaRide’s drivers offer more value than standard independent contractor drivers, acting as an extension of our healthcare partners interdisciplinary care team by providing valuable feedback about a patient’s living environment, crucial to providing successful patient outcomes for risk-bearing care models.

To ensure a secure and safe experience for patients and drivers alike, SendaRide collects a full audio recording of every single ride. This audio recording is also a part of SendaRide’s ongoing proactive quality monitoring, helping SendaRide maintain a 4.95 out of 5 satisfaction rating from both riders and healthcare partners. Healthcare partners can book rides directly for their patients who do not own smartphones and allow patients to initiate trips home after procedures, making the experience as user-friendly and seamless as possible. This efficient process allows case managers and care navigators to gain back time to reinvest into meaningful patient engagement.

Healthcare providers partnering with SendaRide can integrate SendaRide’s technology into their existing electronic medical records and applications. This integration automates the provider workflow, improves efficiency and throughput making SendaRide’s services more valuable for providers and their patients.

Developed by a healthcare attorney, SendaRide caters to the healthcare industry, and is focused on maintaining the highest level of service, safety, security, and efficiency for their riders, business partners and families. SendaRide’s customizable door-to-door concierge service and user-friendly HIPAA-compliant technology sets them apart in the industry. Their commitment to provide a safe, affordable and convenient transportation solution for the healthcare industry results in reduced healthcare costs, increased facility efficiency, and improved patient quality of life.

SendaRide specializes in high need clientele and offers the same exceptional service patients have come to know and expect from their healthcare provider.   Safe, dependable and affordable transportation.  That’s the SendaRide Standard.

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